Deserted Release Press Kit 2023



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PC, Linux, Switch, Xbox


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November 22, 2023






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Deserted is a 3D action adventure with light RPG elements. Inspired by the visual style and atmosphere of “Out This World”, combined with the fast paced combat of 16 bit era action games to deliver that rich experience, fun and challenge that thrives in our memories. Vast landscapes and towering spires bring our vision of isolation to life.

Your ship is mysteriously pulled from the sky and sent spiraling towards certain death. You alone survive to carry out your mission – “Rescue a group of scientists and personnel”. It turns out nothing is what it seemed. The alien planet is dying, its scarred surface hosts monuments of a lost ancient civilization. An inexplicable presence is pushing, and pulling you towards the unknown. Your mission now is to stay alive, because you know something much larger is coming. And your caught right in the middle.

Deserted inhabits an alien world thick with brooding forests and intimidating structures set against advanced alien architecture and hordes of unknown terrors waiting to end your journey. Nothing is easily given, our vision is to let forge a path that is unique and satisfying. Every secret and puzzle is designed to shape your experience and add depth to the narrative.

Survival in Deserted plays a pivotal role, but will never punish you. Explorers will be rewarded with unique items, and upgrades to help them along on the journey.

Combat that is both fun and challenging. Tear apart your enemies with up-gradable weapons and turn the tide against even the strongest foe. With a unique skill tree system utilize and forge strategies against a vast array of enemies.

In Deserted you don’t have to play alone. We offer up to 2 character local co-op through the entire campaign. Play as either a female or male special operative and customize your appearance.


As a galactic special operative you come equipped with an arm mounted module system that allows you to track your health, synthesize materials, emits wonderful glows, and more importantly gives you the ability to construct a powerful Holo-Blade.

A.T.0.M. Drone (Advanced, Tactical, Operative, Module) – Is your mechanical companion on this journey. Use its features to scan the landscape and generate a 3D map, help you in combat by providing extra fire power, communicate with technology and provide a holographic display.

Vehicles– Utilizing the brute strength of the MECHA or the fast paced chaos created by the Speeder lets you overcome hordes of deadly enemies without taking a scratch.

Drakah – The soul essence of one of the “Ancient”. His people were lost to the great war, but his energy lived on imbued in a remembrance stone. With this energy you are able to interact with their technology, access areas that were closed off and use the spirit force in combat by summoning “the spectral beast”.

Primary Weapon – An up-gradable Holo-Blade constructed from energy in your arm mounted module system. Cuts through most matter and adapts it self to foreign bodies. 

Secondary Weapons – An array of matter decimating weapons capable of burning, freezing and electrifying enemies. These include a hand gun, automatic rifle, rocket launcher, rail gun and shotgun.

Gadgets – Grenades and throw-able items able to create powerful stun fields, decimate many enemies and create mesmerizing light shows.

Modules – Equipping different modules gives you access to different skill trees unlocking a variety of awesome upgrades and unique abilities. Each module can be maxed-out and crafted into master modules.

Crafting – To survive this planet, you will need to harvest materials and resources. You can utilize the unique energy signature of plants and materials and synthesize a whole array of healing options, antidotes, augment modules, and craft batteries for your guns.




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