Deserted – Quick Guide

Main Menu

When you Start the game you will be prompted with a Main Menu where you can adjust your game experience.

The Options tab in the main menu provides you with adjustable graphics and guides to keyboard and joysticks layout, and audio settings.

Customize Your Game

Selecting New Game will prompt you with the option to choose between a male or female Commander Lewan.

To access the player menu press the Select button. To change your A.T.O.M Drone colours open your player menu under Character Stats.

This is only the beginning, the final game will allow for more appearance customization.

Local Co-Op

Local co-op can be turned on or off at any time in the game by pressing the CO-OP button in player menu under ITEMS. To access CO-OP press Select and scroll down to Items (Backpack Logo) and press the CO-OP button.

Local CO-OP: True drop in and drop out local co-op. Your save game will keep track of your progress whether playing single player or coop. Experience points and modules found will be awarded to the co-op player whenever they drop in. If a player dies in co-op you will have a window to revive that player as many times as you want.


Crafting and picking up items is crucial for survival. The items dropped by enemies or random items placed in the world will enhance your progress.


You find skill chips placed randomly in the world. Enhance your combat experience by upgrading your skills for balanced , short range and long range objectives. Upgrading your weapons, bionics and defensive systems will give you an advantage over enemies.

Saving The Game

Always save your game progress. There are AUTO SAVE points when you switch maps or reach a camp location. Manual saves will provide you with the option to save your game anywhere. Local CO-OP saves are marked with CO-OP.