AMBIT is a unique 3rd person action adventure RPG game heavily driven by its story.

In this game you are on a mysterious and dramatic journey into the past of a forgotten and ancient world.

We challenge the player with mechanics based around survival, physical and logical puzzle solving and combat.

Our main character needs to learn and upgrade his skills in order to continue his search for his missing family member.

“His great parts did not live within a small ambit“ Millard, 1913 Webster

Ambit- Dark Forest Day

In this storybook-like setting, you are thrust upon a journey of survival and mystery.

Called by your grandfather to assist him on a large excavation of an ancient civilization,

you discover that something dark and long forgotten has been awakened.

You find your investigation begins among those of a tiny outpost left behind by a once mighty empire.

Without a trace of your grandfather in sight you embark on a mission to find him but end up finding much more than you expect. 

This journey will take you through a mythical world filled with dense forests, gigantic waterfalls and towering ruins.

Ambit – Watch Tower