DESERTED Patch Notes 2

Patch Notes 2:

DESERTED Part 1 with local Co-Op completed. Major update to maps, enemies, gameplay and story.

Thank you to everyone who purchased the game early. Were are releasing our second patch that concludes Part 1 of the game with three chapters and around four hours of play.


Patch 2 brought many bug and stability fixes especially in the later half of the game.

In Chapters 1 to 3 we further refined and added maps, layouts, more skill modules, enemies, polish various scenes and videos, audio work and ending it all off with the addition of Local Co-Op.

We would like to ask you if adding Story Mode (Casual) and Adventure Mode ( Challenging) difficulty would be appreciated.

If you would like to be involved and provide feedback please don’t hesitate to do so!

Part 1 Development Summary

Customize Your Game:

As of now you can select between a male and female Commander and change your A.T.O.M Drone colours. This is only the beginning, the final game will allow for more appearance customization.

Time of day and Weather:

Experience different times of day and weather patterns as you explore the planet. While these are scripted and planned out, they are integral to the story and will feature prominently in the finished game in many forms.

Share the experience:

Local co-op: True drop in and drop out local co-op. Your save game will keep track of your progress whether playing single player or coop. Experience points and modules found will be awarded to the co-op player whenever they drop in. If a player dies in co-op you will have a window to revive that player as many times as you want.

New Hazards:

-Large crystal formations now burst through the surface of the planet. Be-careful not to get too close as the static build up of energy will give you a jolt draining a small amount of your batteries.

-Poison mushroom patches make for a dangerous journey. Make sure to craft plenty of antidotes to be prepared.

-Exploding plants will warn you before bursting into a deadly trap.


Upgrade your Arsenal:

More modules to discover enhance the combat and strategic options available to you.

-Slash strike will counter and push certain enemies back if timed correctly.

-Piercing strike will slow enemies down giving you a chance to get the upper hand.

-Ricochet has a chance of bouncing of off enemies maximizing your battery life.

-Your shield can now be placed as a static barrier anywhere on the terrain. If an enemy happens to walk through, it will damage the enemy destroying the shield in the process. Retract the shield at any time to negate any cool down penalties.

Plus many more modules that will help you on your journey and increase your chances of surviving this hostile planet.


A Refined Experience:

The world, story and characters that inhabit this desolate planet have been refined much further for your enjoyment.

Plus hundreds of bug fixes, improvements to animations, art assets and audio.

Deserted is still in development, as we continue our work on Part 2 you can expect the next patch to enhance the existing experience further but it will focus on the rest of the story.


The Road Ahead

-The thrilling continuation of Commander Lewans search for the stranded scientists and a way off of the hostile planet.

-Many more puzzle types and increased puzzle complexity. We plan on expanding all of the puzzles and energy mechanisms we introduced in the first part, but we will focus on keeping the game-play fast and exciting.

-A variety of unique locations including Drowned Jungles, Feted Swamps Mountainous Regions and wide open flat lands. All with their own unique time of day and unique weather patterns.

-More unique enemy varieties and higher difficulty mutations based off of existing creatures.

-More weapons, modules and possibilities. We will introduce the ability to modify existing modules.

-Vehicle based combat and traversal. Speeders and mech suits will give you an advantage as you navigate into the heart of the occupied planet.

-The ability to teleport and communicate with your base of operations on the ship.


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